Joy is Expressed in Thankful Prayer

Philippians 1:3–11

By Rodney Holloman , August 23, 2020

Joy is Expressed in Thankful Prayer

Philippians 1:3–11

Joy is Expressed in Thankful Prayer

What are the elements of thankful prayer that demonstrate joyful living?

1. Joy of Remembering the people of God

Church family

Changed lives

Thanksgiving, by causing a person to reflect on blessings, increases his joy.

2. Joy of Interceding for the People of God

An infallible test of godly joy is the degree to which a believer prays more earnestly for the benefit and blessing of others than for his own.

Paul’s life was difficult when he prayed this.


Preachers – vs 17-18

3. Joy of Partnering with the People of God


Financial Giving



  1. A fellowship of grace

  2. A fellowship of life

  3. A fellowship of faith

  4. A fellowship of prayer

  5. A fellowship of praise, thanksgiving, and love

  6. A fellowship of service

  7. A fellowship of evangelism

  8. A fellowship of separation

  9. A fellowship of warfare

There is nothing in the world as wonderful as Christian fellowship.