Men Behaving Godly

Psalm 112:1–10

By Rodney Holloman , June 20, 2021

Men Behaving Godly

Psalm 112:1–10

Proverbs 20:6

“As the family goes… So goes all of society.” Well let me add to that statement and complete it by saying, “As men goes the family.”

If men would behave Godly, it would change the world.

When a man truly “fears God” and truly “loves God’s Word.” ...That man is on his way to true godliness. His life is going to be productive and successful.

There is a promise concerning

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(2) his . Ps 112:3-4

(3) his . Ps 112:5

(4) his . Ps 112:6-8

(5) his . Ps 112:9

(6) his . Ps 112:6

How many of you men would like to be this kind of man?

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