He is Able

Ephesians 3:20-21

By Rodney Holloman, March 06, 2022

He Is Able

Ephesians 3:20-21

How Much Can God Do? (vs. 20)

More than We Can Ask

More than We Can Imagine

How Will God Do More?

Because of His Power

Through His People

How Do We Respond?

Praise - Life and Lips

In the Church

Because of Christ


What Will You Pray about to the One Who is Able?

How Should I Pray for Myself and Others?

Every Failure in the Christian Life is a Prayer Failure

“His first prayer (1:15–23) for the believers in Ephesus was for them to know God intimately so that they might know the following three things: first, referring to the past, that they might be acquainted with the hope of his calling; second, referring to the future, that they will understand the wealth of God’s gracious inheritance; and finally, referring to the present, that they would know the surpassing greatness of his power toward them. “ – Hoehner

“The first prayer is for believers to know their power; the second is for them to use it. Two things a pastor should be most concerned about are telling his people who they are in Christ and then urging them to live like it.” – MacArthur





4 Petitions to Pray For Your Church and Others

  1. Spiritual Power - That God may work in them and through them (vs. 16)

  2. Active Faith - That Christ may be at home in their lives (vs. 17)

  3. Know & Experience the Love of Christ (vs. 18)

  4. Experience the Greatness of God through Devotion to Him - They may personally and fully experience God’s power. (vs. 19)