Walk Worthily - Live in Unity

April 24, 2022

Life Together

Walk Worthily - Live in Unity

Ephesians 4:1–6

1. The Plea for Unity (4:1)

Walk - Lifestyle, how you live out your beliefs

Vocation/Calling - Salvation

2. The Virtues Required for Unity (4:1,2)

Lowliness - Humility, preferring to honor other especially Jesus

Meekness - power under control

Longsuffering - long tempered, sometimes patient

Forbearing - willing to endure hardship

Love - selfless, Christlike others' focused love

3. The Priority and Pursuit of Unity (4:3)

4. The Practical Reasons for Unity (4:4–6)

One Body

One Spirit

One Hope of your calling

One Lord

One Faith

One Baptism

One God and Father


We Share the Same Identity (vs. 4)

We Share the Same Testimony (vs. 5)

We Share the Same Family (vs. 6)