The Road to Easter: His Trial

Luke 22:66–23:25

By Rodney Holloman , March 26, 2023

The Road to Easter

His Trial

Luke 22:66–23:25

What Happens When People Refuse to See Jesus for Who He Is?

Confusion Over Who Is On Trial

  • Soldiers

  • Sanhedrin – Jewish Leaders

  • Pilate

  • Herod

Contempt by Religious Lost

  • Mockery

  • Cruelty

  • Lies

  • Injustice

Compromise of Pilate

Won’t take a stand

Craves Power

Caved to Protect Himself

Curiosity not Conviction of Herod Antipas

Holy Spirit Done with Herod Antipas

Guilty Set Free and the Innocent Crucified

Pilot Released the Murderer and Murdered the Savior