A Church That Left Her First Love - The Return of the King

Revelation 2:1–7

By Rodney Holloman , July 23, 2023

The Return of the King

A Church That Left Her First Love Revelation 2:1–7

7 Churches

Christ is the Author of each message.

Christ is the Answer for our every problem.

Christ is the Authority for our lives.

  1. A reference to the City or Assembly, the destination of the letter
  2. A description of Christ, the Author and Answer
  3. A Commendation or Approval
  4. A Condemnation or the Ailment
  5. A Counsel or Admonition
  6. A Challenge and an Assurance

The Commendation (2:2-3)




The Condemnation (2:4)

Left Your First Love, Not Lost

How Do I Know If I Have Left My First Love?

Callousness about Sin

Contentedness with self

Careless about the Lost

Contentiousness with the Saints

  • from Tom Farrell

The Counsel (2:5a, b)