Dead Church in Need of Revival - The Return of the King

Revelation 3:1–6

By Rodney Holloman , August 25, 2023

Dead Church in Need of Revival

Revelation 3:1–6

Autopsy of a Deceased Church

•Treating the past as the hero;

• Refusing to adapt to the needs of the present community;

• Moving the focus of the budget inward;

•Allowing the Great Commission to become the Great Omission;

• Letting the church become preference-driven out of selfishness and personal agendas;

• Seeing the tenure of the pastors decreasing;

• Failing to have regular, corporate prayer;

• Having no clear purpose or vision; and

• Obsessing over the facilities.

“When Does My Church Need Revival?” Stevan Manley

Six tell-tale signs of a church standing at death’s door:

  1. The church is plagued with disagreements.

  2. The preaching is ineffective.

  3. Few can remember when a person was last saved.

  4. God’s supernatural power is never seen.

  5. God is not praised regularly.

  6. No one is being called into God’s work. (Herald)

Five Marks of a Dead Church – Charles Swindoll

  1. A dead church worships its past.
  2. A dead church is inflexible and resistant to change.
  3. A dead church often has carnal and lazy leadership.
  4. A dead church neglects children and youth.
  5. A dead church lacks evangelistic and missionary zeal.

1. The City (3:1a)

2. The Correspondent, Jesus Christ, the Judge (3:1b)

3. The Church (3:1c)

  1. Holy Spirit
  2. Spiritual Leaders (Preaching Word)

4. The Concern (3:2-3)

5. The Commands (3:2-3)

Command 1: “Be Alert-Wake Up!”

Command 2: “Strengthen What Remains”

Command 3: “Remember What You Have Received and Heard”

Command 4: “Keep It”

Command 5: “Repent”

6. The Commendation and Confession (3:4-6)

The Church that Tolerated Sin - Jezebel Church

Revelation 2:18–29

When the church looks like the world, you have a sick church.

When the church acts like the world, you have an impotent church.

When the church plays with the world, you have an unfaithful church. - Daniel Akin

1. The City (2:18a)

Lydia - Acts 16:14


2. The Correspondent, Jesus Christ, the Judge (2:18b)

Eyes Blazing Fire

Feet Burnished Bronze

3. The Commendation to the Church (2:19)



Service & Perserverance

3 Groups

The Faithful

Jezebel & Compan

and the Toleration Party

4. The Condemnation over Compromise (2:20-23)


Immorality & Idolatry

5. The Command (2:24-25)

“Hold Fast” - Cling to what is right despite the difficulty

6. The Counsel (2:26-29)

Stedfast Obedience

Join Christ in Ruling Nations

Reflect the Glory and See the Morning Start

“Compromise has been a cancer in the church from its inception.”—David Levy

“A new Decalogue has been adopted by the neo-Christians of our day, ‘Thou shalt not disagree,’ and a new set of Beatitudes too, ‘Blessed are they that tolerate everything for they shall not be made accountable.’ ”— A. W. Tozer

Jesus cares about your church. He cares about this church. He cares what you do in this church.

He has judgement in his mouth. He speaks words of commendation or condemnation.

Revelation refreshes our perspective of the Resurrected Lord and give us a true portrait of Jesus Christ.