The Futility of Worry

Matthew 6:25-34

By Chris Hallock, March 28, 2020

Matthew 6:25–34

What is anxiety?

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing

  1. Bird watching: an example of the of the Father

Matthew 6:26-27

1 Peter 2:24

  1. Flower Gazing – an example of the attentive of the Father

Matthew 6:28-30

The problem of worry and anxiety is a problem of and .

Matthew 6:31

  1. The Great :

Matthew 6:33

Making the great exchange:

  1. Seeking God’s Kingdom First helps us to cling to the , not the temporary.
  1. Seeking God’s Kingdom First, reminds us that nothing can us from God and His boundless love.

Romans 8:31-39

  1. Seeking God’s Kingdom can give us the to offer the provision that Jesus promises.