A Proper Response to the Messiah

Matthew 8:14–22

By Chris Hallock, November 22, 2019

Matthew 8:14–22

  1. Healed to Jesus

Matthew 8:14-15

How do you respond in service to what Jesus has done for you?

  1. He our sins.

The transcendence and greatness of God in these verses:

• Matthew wrote this Gospel around AD 50

• In v. 17, Matthew quotes the prophet Isaiah, who wrote around 740 BC (790 years earlier)

• Isaiah 53 is prophetically describing Jesus’ death and resurrection in detail, which happened around AD 33 (773 years later)

• The healing that is described in this passage happened around 3 years before Jesus died around AD 30.

Are you worried that God’s timing isn’t right? Are you worried that His plan isn’t good? Are you worried that God doesn’t have your best interest in mind?

  1. The of following Jesus:

Matthew 8:18-20

“Teacher” used in Matthew 8:19; 12:38; 19:16; 22:16, 24, 36

Jesus’ followers are not here.

“But I'm not sentimental, This skin and bones is a rental, And no one makes it out alive” – Where I Belong - Switchfoot

Matthew 8:21-22

Is Jesus saying that in following Him we all have to abandon our family responsibilities?

1 Timothy 5:8

Jesus’ wants first . He wants to be the priority relationship of your life before all people and things

What has to change for Jesus to be first place in your life?