God and Sinners Reconciled

Matthew 9:9–13

By Chris Hallock, December 20, 2019

Matthew 9:9–13

Matthew 9:9

  1. Uniquely to be a disciple.

• Luke 5:8

• 1 Timothy 1:15

“Lord, save me from that wicked man, myself.” -St. Augustine

• “I am fallen short of the glory of God, my whole heart is altogether corrupt and abominable, and consequently my whole life being an evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit.” -John Wesley

• “Vile and full of sin I am.” –Charles Wesley

…and Matthew got up and followed him.

• Luke 5:28

• “One key requirement for salvation is that God saves .” – Dr. James Allman

• The truth of Christianity is that you and I are way more than we even think we are.

• The corresponding truth is that the of Christ is way more than you even imagine that it could be.

  1. Dinner with .

• Matthew 9:10-13

Do you want to know what drew broken people toward Jesus?

  1. Jesus sinners.

• A key mark of those who follow Jesus is that they love the .