Why Aren’t You…?

Matthew 9:14-17

By Jessse Sauskojus, December 27, 2019

Matthew 9:14-17

  1. An Honest .

Matthew 9:14

They thought that specific religious were .

  1. A Answer.

Matthew 9:15-17

is more appropriate than fasting when Jesus is around.

Jesus was them about their perspective on religious .

The two metaphors show the of blending old and new…or expecting commitment to the Law when Grace is given. (Read the letter to the Galatian church)

Christmas time is a celebration of Jesus coming to fulfill the (a perfect/sinless life) and (death) of the Law and giving us the greatest gift… .

Practical Application:

1) Practice in your relationship of grace with Jesus.

- Where do you focus on religious behavior as an essential for God’s love given to you?

- Do you have a perception of other’s standing with God based on their religious behaviors?

2) Fasting is an practice. (Checkout the sermon from September 10)

- Fast as a yearning for the presence of Jesus and awareness of grace.

- Fast as a longing for the events of this new year to put on display the Kingdom of Grace.