Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit

Matthew 12:22–32

By Chris Hallock, June 26, 2020

Matthew 12:22–32 (Touch and hold to see verses in the context of the passage)

Jesus and Cancel Culture by Tullian Tchividjian

  1. An miracle.

Matthew 12:20

Matthew 12:22-23

  1. A -hearted response.

Matthew 12:24

  1. An airtight .

v.25 Jesus knew their thoughts…

  1. Their accusation was .

Matthew 12:25-36

  1. Their accusation was .

Matthew 12:27

  1. Their accusation was blind the presence of God’s .

Matthew 12:28

Isaiah 35:5–6

  1. Their accusation revealed the in their hearts.

Matthew 12:29-31

v.31 And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven…

  1. The sin.

Blasphemy is defiant irreverence toward God, in the form of cursing God, speaking evil against God or mocking Him.

What does Jesus mean by blasphemy against Holy Spirit?

John 16:8

Hebrews 6:4–6

“The religious leaders had been “enlightened” by their contact with Christ and his teaching. They had “tasted” of the heavenly gift in their beholding the spiritual blessings of Jesus’ ministry. They had been partakers of the work of the Holy Spirit in witnessing the significant healing deliverance that Jesus offered. They had “tasted” the goodness of the Word of God both in their knowledge of the Old Testament and in Christ’s teaching. They had “tasted” the powers of the coming age in witnessing the miracles enacted before their eyes. But despite all these spiritual blessings, they attributed the miracles to Satan rather than God.” This is blasphemy of the Spirit and in their rejection of Christ they orchestrated and carried out His crucifixion." Kent Hughes

How can I avoid blasphemy of the Spirit?

Reject the idea the idea that you could ever be before God without Christ.