Lasting Change

Matthew 12:43–45

By Chris Hallock, August 01, 2020

Matthew 12:43–45

Ephesians 6:12–13

  1. A restless .

Matthew 12:43

There are evil spiritual beings who long to those who bear God’s image.

  1. A clean life.

Matthew 12:44

Romans 10:3

  1. A dreadful final .

Matthew 12:45

  1. Our need for the greater .

1 John 4:3–4

Change #1 - By faith in Jesus we are made righteous and holy God. - Justification

Change #2 – By of the indwelling Spirit of God, we become more and more like Christ. - Sanctification.

Lasting change in the life of a Christian is not something that you do yourself. It is something that God does to you (justification) and in you (sanctification), and in cooperation with you.

Ephesians 3:16–18

From your own experience how well do you do in bringing about lasting change in your own life?

How well does Christ do at redeeming and changing people?