Digging Deeper

Matthew 13:1-23

By Chris Hallock, August 29, 2020

Matthew 13:1-23 (Push and hold on any bible verse to open it in its context)

Matthew 13:10

Matthew 13:11-12

Matthew 13:13-15

Matthew 13:15-17

The parable explained:

Matthew 13:18-19

The seed = the message of the kingdom

The heart of the hearer = the soil

  1. The Soil.

Biblical examples of this kind of heart:

The religious leaders during Jesus ministry



Who’s at risk of having this kind of heart?

The unbelieving:

The :

John 14:23

How this heart is changed?

Sometimes :

Through and :

Useful questions:

Do you realize that every time you reject God’s word a spiritual transaction has taken place; Satan has had his way with you?

Are there parts of your life where you see that the Word and the kingdom of Jesus requires that you change, but you defiantly refuse?

  1. The Soil.

Matthew 12:20-21

Biblical example:

Those who left Jesus when he began to teach hard things

John 6:66

Who’s at risk of having this kind of heart?

Those who have received a gospel of the kingdom

How this heart is changed?

By trusting in the love of Christ and letting it bring about :

James 1:2-4

Useful question:

Will I trust the goodness of Christ that I see in His sacrificial love for me no matter what He allows in my life?

  1. The Soil.

Matthew 13:22

Biblical example:

The Rich Young Man

Mark 10:22

Who’s at risk of having this kind of heart?

Those with hearts:

Psalm 86:11

How is this heart changed?

The of loves

Romans 12:1-2

Useful questions:

What are the good things that I have made ultimate things?

What do I center my life on other than Christ?

How can I cultivate the things that will bring me to maturity?

  1. The Soil.

Matthew 13:23

The Result:

A bumper crop of goodness:

Hearing the Word of God and beiong to it.

How do we cultivate this kind of heart soil?