The Parable of the Weeds

Matthew 13:24–30, 36–43

By Chris Hallock, September 12, 2020

Matthew 13:24–30 (Press and hold on reference to see the verses in context)

The Parable Explained:

Matthew 13:36-39

2 Corinthians 4:4

  1. The world is filled with people of the and people of the one.
  1. Jesus’ disciples are not qualified to which people are evil and which are good.

Matthew 7:3

  1. and justice are a part of God’s kingdom plan.

Matthew 13:40-42

Matthew 26:52

Matthew 5:39

Matthew 5:41


  1. Believers must trust that a just God will every wrong.
  1. We must believe that our is not in this world.
  1. We must trust that God is the only one can the hearts of saints and sinners.
  1. We must do only what we are to do!

Matthew 5:14–16

Matthew 13:43