Taking Steps of Faith

Matthew 14:22–36

By Chris Hallock, October 23, 2020

Matthew 14:22–36 (Press and hold on verses to see them in their Biblical context)

  1. Sent into the storm:

Matt. 14:22-23

  1. A night of toil and fear.

Matt. 14:24

  1. Lord of power:

Matt. 14:25-36

Why Jesus’ disciples needn’t be afraid:

  1. They were in the storm because they Jesus.
  1. They were never .
  1. Jesus had over the thing that they feared.
  1. Jesus is the Son.


  1. As we follow Jesus through the storms of life, we are never .
  1. Jesus accomplished the “ ” to rescue us and be with us.
  1. To go where Jesus is, we must always by faith.