The Sheep and the Goats

Matthew 25:31–46

By Chris Hallock, August 21, 2021

Matthew 25:31–46 Press and hold on any verse reference to see it in its Biblical context.

Lecture by D.A. Carson this week on all the parables in this section.

How should we wait for Jesus’s return?

• Wait as those who do not wish to be by Jesus’s return.

• Wait as those who know the Master's return may be long .

• Wait as those who must give an account of our .

• Wait as those who are tasked with improving the Master’s .

  1. Jesus in power as the righteous King and Judge.

Matthew 25:31“When the Son of Man comes…

Daniel 7:13–14

Matthew 25:31

  1. A of the righteous and the cursed.

Matthew 25:32

Does this passage teach salvation by works?

Matthew 26:28

The Sheep:

Matthew 25:40

The Goats:


Who are the brothers and sisters mentioned in 40?

Matthew 25:40

Matthew 12:46–49

Matthew 10:40

Matthew 10:42

Acts 9:4–5

  1. The brothers and sisters that Jesus is talking about in this passage are Jesus’s .

  2. The righteous in this passage, the ones who receive eternal life, are those who unselfconsciously Jesus’s disciples.

John 13:34–35

1 John 4:20

Matthew 24:9

  1. If the gospel has truly come to a person, they will have a life.

Romans 8:11

How should we wait for Jesus’s return?

Wait for the Lord Jesus as people whose lives are so by the gospel, that they unselfconsciously brothers and sisters in Christ.