Journey - Lesson 5 Notes


May 01, 2023

Do you remember a time when someone’s presence gave you strength, guidance or encouragement and helped you persevere?

Do you have an example of a time when your presence was a support to someone else?


Being a follower of Jesus can be challenging; sometimes it feels impossible.

How have you grown as a disciple in your journey so far?

In what ways is your journey challenging?

MAIN IDEA - Being filled with the Holy Spirit

Having lived as a human, Jesus knows the challenges we face. The good news is He gives us the gift of Himself – His Spirit – to live inside us, filling us with His power, making it possible for us to live as our true selves living out God’s purpose for us. But this power is not just for us; God wants what He’s put in us, His life, to come out because that is the way He now touches the lives of people, through us, believers filled with His Spirit.


Read the following verses. What do you learn about the Holy Spirit and how Jesus empowers us to follow him?

John 14:16-18

Luke 11:10-13

Acts 1:8

Acts 2:1-4

Galatians 5:16


Ask God to be filled afresh with His Spirit. You can pray something like, ‘Holy Spirit, come fill me; I receive you now’. Spend a few minutes waiting on Him, either through silence or praise and worship. We each experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in different ways as He fills us and gives us gifts; for some it’s quiet, for others is energized and dynamic. Whatever happens as you’re prayerfully waiting on Him, know this: when we ask God for His Spirit, God gives us His Spirit.

Daily – Start the day with a simple prayer, ‘Holy Spirit, I welcome you. Come fill me afresh. Restore my union with you. I yield to you; lead me today. Holy Spirit, help me to love those I interact with today. Help me to serve those You love with Your love. I receive Your strength and power to walk in obedience today.'

REFLECTION QUESTIONS to keep you growing

In what areas do I need to seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance?

Are there any promptings, impressions or unrelenting thoughts that might be the Holy Spirit trying to get my attention? What action will I take?

How can I connect with another Jesus follower this week to share about ways we’ve felt directed, strengthened or encouraged by the Holy Spirit?

How have I been growing in the fruit of the Spirit? (Galatians 5:22-23)

How is the power of the Holy Spirit evident in my life?