Journey - Lesson 6 Notes


May 01, 2023

What are some common lies people believe? (about themselves, the world, God, etc)


How do you know or recognize truth?

MAIN IDEA – We’re transformed through the renewing of our mind

When we decide to trust Jesus and receive His gift of salvation, we become a ‘new creation’. The problem: our heart, or inner man, has been programmed to live from the centre of self and not Christ. We’re bombarded daily by lies of varying degrees. And we have a very real enemy whose battleground with us is primarily our minds. If our mind is under daily attack by the enemy, then daily renewing of our mind is essential. We must be intentional in putting off our old self and putting on our new self; we must be vigilant about the inputs we’re exposing our soul to; we must recognize and pull down the lies we’ve believed.


Read the following verses. What can you learn about renewing the mind from these passages?

Romans 12:1-2

2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Ephesians 4:21-24

Proverbs 18:21

Philippians 4:8-9


“It’s not the thoughts you HAVE that make you suffer; it’s the thoughts you ATTACH TO that make you suffer.” - Dr Daniel Amen

“You fight the devil’s lies by simply choosing to not think about them. But as we all know, you can’t think about nothing. So you give your mind something else to think about: scripture. You replace the devil’s lies with God’s truth. You cut new neural pathways that eventually take root in the neurobiology of your body itself. You become what you give your mind to.” - John Mark Comer, Live No Lies


2 key practices play an important role in renewing our mind:

CONFESSION – Involves both the bad and good: we acknowledge the bad (our sin, our failure in living up to God’s standard), and we also confess the good, speaking God’s truth over our minds, using Scripture to combat the lies of the enemy.

REPENTANCE – means ‘to change our minds for the better’. “It is deciding that you’ve been wrong in supposing that you could manage your own life and be your own god; it is deciding that you were wrong in thinking that you had—or could get—the strength, education, and training to make it on your own.” – Eugene Peterson.

Pick an unhealthy thinking pattern in your life you want to see transformed (fear, negativity, anxiety, etc). Find a truth in Scripture you can memorize or write out and keep with you. When you find yourself thinking in the unhealthy pattern, practice confession and repentance: ‘God, I am fearful/negative/anxious, etc. This is not how You want me to think; this is not the way I want to think; I refuse to listen to these lie-thoughts; I declare the truth of Your Word over these lies…’ and pray the scripture, receiving God’s truth and peace over your thoughts.

Memorize Philippians 4:8-9 and use it as a filter for choosing which thoughts to fix your mind on.

Find a way to help your mind stay healthy by curating a healthy relationship with ‘inputs’ such as the news, social media, entertainment, etc. This might be in the form of limiting time with these inputs; shutting off notifications on your devices; taking extended fasts; or cutting them out altogether.

Monthly - Get together with another Jesus-follower, share an area of struggle, pray for each other.

REFLECTION QUESTIONS to keep you growing

Take a moral inventory: What areas of my inner and outer life do not reflect God’s character? Ask God to fill those areas with His truth.

How am I guarding my mind’s input to keep it healthy and free of temptation and distraction?

What lies do I need to let go of and what truths do I need to embrace?

How am I being open and vulnerable with others for strength and accountability?