Journey - Lesson 7 Notes


May 01, 2023

Think about your relationships with immediate or extended family. In what ways have family members been a blessing to each other? Have there been negative family dynamics? In what ways might our experiences with family shape what we believe about or our approach to community?


Why do you think life in community is vital for our faith?

How would you describe the difference between ‘being in a community’ and ‘doing life in community’?

MAIN IDEA – God’s Family

Following Jesus is a personal experience but it is not individualistic; it’s lived out in community. When we say yes to following Jesus, we say yes to life in God’s family, His Church. Church isn’t just a Sunday-thing or an event we show up to; God’s Church is people who are connected together, doing life together. Followers of Jesus were those who did life with Him; they spent time together growing, serving others, helping each other. It’s through the Church, the Body of Christ still present on earth, that Jesus continues His mission to rescue, heal, and restore the world.


Read the following verses. What do you learn about life in God's family, the Church?

Acts 2:42-47

Romans 12:4-5

Ephesians 1:22-23

Ephesians 4:11-12

Ephesians 4:16

Hebrews 10:24-25


“Community will actually vet whether or not your life and your message are true to the way of Jesus or not.” - John Mark Comer

“We go to church because we need the deep reminder we need God. Our hearts are so prone to believe we are fine without God. We so easily slip into the mindset we can handle our lives without the help of anyone else. But we need community, we need to hear truth, we need to worship someone else other than ourselves. This is why we go to church.” - Anjuli Paschall


If you’re not already part of a local church, find one you can physically be a part of.

Daily - Take time each day to pray for the church and our leaders.

Daily – Have a meal w/others. Table-time calibrates us for relationship over busyness and loneliness.

Weekly – Make corporate worship a priority in your week.

Weekly – Have a 1 hour convo with a friend. Try to go beyond the surface of ‘How’s it going?’ to deeper, heart-felt things.

REFLECTION QUESTIONS to keep you growing

How will I be part of a corporate church gathering this week?

How will I do life in small group community?

What can I participate in this week that will reach and serve others?

Who will I encourage this week?

Who can I invite to church this week?

How will I create more margin in my life to be available for divine interruptions?