Journey - Lesson 11 Notes


May 01, 2023

What’s something you’ve had to endure? (could be frivolous like a bad movie, or impacting like a long illness).


Why do you think following Jesus feels like a fight at times?

MAIN IDEA – We’re living in a battle zone

Even though Jesus defeated the enemy at the cross, rose from the dead, and holds all authority in heaven and earth, it’s evident the enemy is still at work; there’s a battle going on. It’s like the outpost skirmishes that carry on after the National powers have declared ‘the war is over’; the message needs to get out and eventually all battles will cease.

The only power the enemy has: lies. He’s more like an imprisoned computer hacker programming all sorts of ‘bots and algorithms of lies’ designed to show up when we’re most vulnerable and susceptible. Our most powerful weapon: God’s Word of truth. We don’t fight for victory, we fight from the victory Jesus has already won for us.


Read the following verses. What do you learn about this battle we’re in?

Luke 10:19

Romans 8:37

Ephesians 6:10-18

1 Timothy 6:12

James 4:7

1 Peter 5:8-9


“You can tell what the enemy fears about your life by where he attacks.” - Bill Johnson

“God may instantly deliver the believer from drugs, drinking, and various other learned behaviors, but may not deliver the believer from everything to teach the art of spiritually fighting.” - Unknown


Daily - Use Ephesians 6:10-16 as a prayer guide for putting on God’s armor

Daily – Our devices are the most prominent access points to the enemy’s lies simply because we’re on them all the time. Practice 1 hr of no devices or tech; spend that time in real-time conversation with humans.

Weekly – Spend time in community with other Jesus-followers. The more isolated we are, the more vulnerable we are.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, try this prayer: ‘Father, in the middle of this circumstance, I’m setting my hope on You. You fight for me and You’re greater than all my enemies. Nothing I face today is more powerful than You. You are my strength. You are my fortress; You are surrounding my enemies who are surrounding me. I receive Your peace in the presence of my enemies, knowing that You see me and defend me in Your love.'

REFLECTION QUESTIONS to keep you growing

Are there any areas of life where I might be vulnerable to the enemy’s lies?

In what ways am I growing spiritually stronger?

In what ways am I trying to avoid the hard stuff Jesus might be setting before me?

Are there any battles I gave up on that I need to re-engage in?

I might look like I’m winning on the outside, but am I winning on the inside? What can I do to get victory in my soul?