The Apostolic Message Of The Cross

The Cross Of Christ

By Dr. David Burrows, April 11, 2021

For the follower of Jesus everything comes back to the cross. You cannot separate the cross from Christianity.

Acts 2.22-24, 36

For every church and every follower of Jesus the proclaiming of the message of the cross is an essential part of our faith and commitment to Jesus. We tell people about Jesus.

Where It All Began

If you want to share Jesus you must engage people in their context.

The cross points to the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The cross was God’s way of saving us from our sin. It’s His only way.

What Jesus did and why he did it matters.

The message “Jesus is Lord” brings an invitation to trust him as savior

Where We Are Today

We cannot expect people to trust Jesus if we do not tell them the message and the meaning of the cross.

It is not our responsibility to convict or condemn, just to communicate.

Who do you know that needs to know the message of the cross?