Marriage Matters To God, It Should Matter To Us

Families At A Crossroads

By Dr. David Burrows, May 02, 2021

Mark 10.1-12

Marriage should reflect the design and intent of God. After all, He established it.

Jesus On Marriage

Many marital problems are the result of a wrong view of marriage.

Make sure the problem with your marriage isn’t your stubborn and unbending heart.
I can love you but not agree with you nor accept your choices as correct.
God establishes and defines marriage
Sin is at the core of every broken marriage.
Jesus affirms traditional marriage
Is divorce ever ok?
Just like in the day of Moses and in the day of Jesus divorce is permitted for the protection of those exposed to a marriage that is harmful or where fidelity is broken.

Regardless of your past, make sure your current or future marriage reflects God’s design and intent.