Coming Out Of Egypt

He Is Coming

By Dr. David Burrows, December 05, 2021

The Jewish Scriptures, what we call the Old Testament, point to someone, a Messiah, who is God’s way to save us. Jesus is that Messiah. He fulfills and completes all that God promised for our salvation.

Hosea 11.1 Matthew 2.13-15

Jesus did what no one else ever did or ever will do. He completely satisfies God’s plan for our salvation.

The Old Testament Prophets tell us, “He’s Coming.”

When Israel was a youth I loved him, And out of Egypt I called My son.

Hosea, like all biblical prophets, saw prophecy not so much as the making of specific, individual predictions (which are actually quite rare among the writing prophets), but as the application of the Word of God to historical situations.

God’s plan runs through the whole of Scripture, and it all points in some way, to the coming of Christ.

By identifying Jesus with Israel in his flight from Egypt, Matthew points to Jesus as God’s ultimate way of bringing salvation to us.

The Birth of Jesus Us That He Is God’s Way Of Salvation.

If Jesus fulfills what God said in the Scriptures about the coming Messiah, he must be that Messiah.

Whatever Israel was to be in God’s plan, Jesus is, completely and perfectly.

To reject Jesus, as Herod did, is to reject God and His plan for your salvation.