Breaking Out Of A Religious System


By Dr. David Burrows, January 16, 2022

Writing to a primarily Gentile audience, Mark’s account of the life of Jesus provided a breakthrough for people who knew nothing of the God who loved them.

Mark 2.21-28, 3.1-6

Jesus came to provide an authentic way to God. In doing so, he broke away from all religious systems.

A New Way

The clash between the old and the new pointed to a larger battle that lay ahead.

The Battle For The Sabbath

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy

Jesus came to free us from the prison of sin and its systems.

The Line In the Sand

We can never make it difficult for people to follow Jesus. Jesus didn’t.

Jesus didn’t come to repair the Jewish religious system; he came to replace it.

Man made systems keep us trapped in sin. Jesus came to break us out of those systems and free us from sin.