Cleaning Up The Mess

The Big Messy Series

By Dr. David Burrows, May 28, 2023

Matthew 19.1-9

Is there any way to clean up our mess?

The Ultimate Mess

Divorce is the ultimate family mess.

Adultery was always an acceptable reason for divorce and remarriage.

The man could legally ditch his wife with no recourse by the wife.

From early on God was protecting women.

If you have problems with marriage, you have problems with Jesus.

Jesus valued marriage between a man and a woman. If you follow Jesus then you must also value marriage between a man and a woman.

What God Wants For You

Divorce is not what God wants for us, but He knows in a sinful world sometimes it’s our best choice.

You can’t change yesterday, but you can change today and tomorrow.

Don’t give up on marriage, Jesus didn’t.

We loved each other, we were committed to each other, we put each other first, and we forgave each other. We never gave in to the mess. We always trusted Jesus. And we never ever thought of never being together.