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Sorted: The Return Of Jesus and the End of it All

By Dr. David Burrows, September 17, 2023

One day Jesus will return and he will make all things right.

1 Corinthians 15.12, 50-58

When Jesus returns,what happens to me?

A Problem At Church.

It is dangerous to let contemporary cultural ideas and standards influence our Christian faith.

A Clear Solution.

Transformation is needed to enter the finality of heaven.

If there is no resurrection and restoration of our total self, then sin and death have won a major victory.

Live Your Life Until Jesus Returns.

Resurrection deals with the value of life given by God.

Resurrection puts an end to the effects of sin for the believer.
Resurrection restores Creation to God’s original intent.

Resurrection gives meaning to faith and morality.

At some point the Follower of Jesus will become what God always intended him or her to be.