40 DAYS: Preparation + Expectation

By Bethany Church, February 24, 2021

February 24 The Triumphal Entry; Mark 11:1-11

Explain the term Hosanna. How is this your prayer as you prepare your hearts to celebrate the resurrection?

February 25

Jesus Curses the Fig Tree; Mark 11:12-14

Tough passage. Why does Jesus curse a fig tree that is not in season?

February 26 Jesus Cleanses the Temple; Mark 11:15-19

What specifically had replaced prayer in His Father’s House?

February 27 The Lesson from the Withered Fig Tree; Mark 11:20-26

What connection is Jesus making between a fig tree and our faith?

February 28 The Authority of Jesus Challenged; Mark 11:27-33

Early in Mark (3:22) we see that the priests were challenging Jesus:By what spirit he was casting out demons? Why are they still at this line of questioning?

March 1 The Parable of the Tenants; Mark 12:1-12

The tenants do not build nor own the vineyard, yet they turn on the owner. Even the Son is disregarded. How is this still applicable for today?

March 2 Paying Taxes to Caesar; Mark 12:13-17

The test or trap is to get Jesus to commit to one ‘side.’ How are we to uphold the wisdom of what Jesus delivered?

March 3 The Sadducees Ask About the Resurrection; Mark 12:18-27

How do you see people today deal in hypotheticals- bringing distraction from the main point(s)?

March 4 The Great Commandment; Mark 12:28-34

This man approaches Jesus with sincerity. Explain Jesus' final response in vs 34: You are not far from the kingdom of God.

March 5 Whose Son is the Christ?; Mark 12:35-37

Jesus is proclaiming His own divinity. The people heard him gladly. Why?

March 6 Beware of the Scribes; Mark 12:38-40

I don’t always know my place. I can overstate my role or position. How about you?

March 7 The Widow’s Offering; Mark 12:41-44

Do you give more out of wealth or out of poverty?

March 8 Jesus Foretells Destruction of the Temple; Mark 13:1-2

What is Jesus saying about future events?

March 9 Signs of the End of the Age; Mark 13:3-13

What most grips you in this description? Why?

March 10 Abomination of Desolation; Mark 13:14-23

This is one of the more challenging passages in all of Scripture. Why must we not predict the arrival date of Christ?

March 11 The Coming of the Son of Man; Mark 13:24-27

Contrast the world’s darkness and the brilliance of the coming of the Son of Man.

March 12 The Lesson of the Fig Tree; Mark 13:28-31

Write a description for verse 31.

March 13 No One Knows That Hour or Day; Mark 13:32-37

Why do we not know the day?

March 14

The Plot to Kill Jesus; Mark 14:1-1-2

Why did the priests and scribes think there might be an uproar if Jesus' arrest occurred during the feast?

March 15 Jesus Anointed at Bethany; Mark 14:3-9

What did the woman understand?

March 16 Judas to Betray Jesus; Mark 14:10-11

For Judas, was it all about the money?

March 17 The Passover with the Disciples; Mark 14:12-21

What is the most tender or impactful part of this setting?

March 18 Institution of the Lord’s Supper; Mark 14:22-25

Describe verse 25.

March 19 Jesus Foretells Peter’s Denial; Mark 14:26-31

Why do you think Jesus predicts Peter’s denial?

March 20 Jesus Prays in Gethsemane; Mark 14:32-42

What do you think is in the head and heart of Jesus in this scene?

March 21 Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus; Mark 14:43-50

What were some of the Scriptures to be fulfilled? (vs. 49)

March 22 A Young Man Flees; Mark 14:51-52

Why do you think this moment is recorded?

March 23 Jesus Before the Council; Mark 14:53-65

Why do you think Jesus points to sitting at the right hand of Power, rather than resurrection?

March 24 Peter Denies Jesus; Mark 14:66-72

Describe the 3 denials.

March 25 Jesus Delivered to Pilate; Mark 15:1-5

Why does Jesus answer Pilate:”You have said so.”?

March 26 Pilate Delivers Jesus to Be Crucified; Mark 15:6-15

Pilate was a Roman governor. Why did he attempt to satisfy a Jewish crowd?

March 27 Jesus is Mocked; Mark 15:16-20

Why do you think Roman soldiers mocked Christ?

March 28

The Crucifixion; Mark 15:21-32

Why do you think passersby ridiculed Jesus as described in vs29?

March 29

The Death of Jesus; Mark 15:33-41

Why do you think there was darkness? Why do you think the veil was torn in 2?

March 30

Jesus is Buried; Mark 15:42-47

Why do you think Joseph of Arimathea asked for the body of Jesus? How was this tied to his seeking?

March 31 The Resurrection; Mark 16:1-8

Why did the women approach the tomb, knowing that the stone would impede?

April 1 Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene; Mark 16:9-11

Why does Jesus appear first to Mary Magdalene?

April 2 Jesus Appears to Two Disciples; Mark 16:12-13

Describe ‘in another form.’ And who are the ‘rest’ that are mentioned here?

April 3 The Great Commission; Mark 16:14-20

‘Believe’ is all throughout this closing chapter. What kind of belief did the disciples now have?