Do You Really Care?

March 21, 2020 sermon

By Jonathan Olsen, March 22, 2020

The following are questions that can be used for personal reflection or group discussion on Pastor Jonathan’s March 21st audio sermon:

  1. Why do we want to spend time with certain kinds of people and not spend time with other kinds of people? If the Gospel says that you are an invalid man before God, and that Jesus came for you, what difference should the Gospel of Jesus make in us?
  2. What seems impossible for God to you? In your life, or in the lives of other people?
  3. “Sin no more so that nothing worse may happen to you.” How has your relationship to sin changed as a Christian? Are you identifying sin for what it really is, and rather than running to it, running from it, and running to Jesus?
  4. What people and what situations are you tempted to look at through the lens of the self-righteous rules that you have developed? Do you readily celebrate what God does in others, or do you first judge others in your own eyes?
  5. In what ways may God be calling you today to care for the souls of others who need Jesus?