Fulfilling Worship (8/8)

Learning to Express Deeper Affection For God

By Pastor Jared Berry, November 28, 2021

MAIN IDEA || Gospel transformation takes place way deep down in our hearts where we express our worship.

Psalm 145

1. The from worship

  • We don’t worship because we don’t see Jesus.

2. The to worship

  • We don’t worship because we’re already worshiping something else.

3. The of worship

  • Jesus did what we can’t and frees us to no longer worship for identity but from identity.



1. What is one distraction I can remove from my life which could help me see Jesus more clearly?

2. Are there any idols I might be worshipping that are preventing me from fully worshipping Jesus?

3. What daily habit can I create which will help remind me of the beauty of the Gospel?