Hope Has A Name

By Chris Reitmayer, June 07, 2020

Romans 5:3-5

Christian hope is

Christian hope is through circumstances, but it's not on circumstances

Christian hope is not on circumstances because it's in a person

Questions for D Groups:

  • When you use the word hope, what do you typically mean by it? Is it generally for you a wish, or a sense of trust, or maybe something else? Discuss.

  • What are some of your longings in this season? What are some of your ongoing deep longings?

  • What do your longings tell you about where you’ve placed your hope? Is your hope dependent on circumstances?

  • In what ways is your attitude affected by circumstances? Why do you think some people seem to be less affected by circumstances? Can you think of anyone in your life who doesn’t seem to be as affected by circumstances - what do you notice about them? [As a practical step, maybe reach out to this person and discuss why they seem that way]

  • How have you generally experienced suffering in your life (i.e. what’s been your attitude in it)? Have you found it’s generally eroded your hope or deepened it? Why do you think that is?

  • Are you generally inclined to avoid suffering or embrace it? What suffering might there be in your life right now that God’s inviting you to embrace in order that he might develop greater character and hope in your life?

  • How does the assurance that hope is grounded in a person make you feel? How might that reorient your perspective towards your current circumstances?

  • As a practical way of continuing to think about this, try and find a copy of The Hiding Place and consider how Corrie and her family live in light of this hope. Or check out this link