Heart of Discipleship

Obeying God's Call to Pursue Christlikeness

By Steve Bains, May 02, 2021

Ephesians 4

to Christlikeness

to Christlikeness

A of action to Christlikeness

Questions for Discipleship Groups

Take a moment to consider a time when someone’s words, actions, thoughtfulness or example encouraged you in your faith. Share it with the group.

Read Ecclesiastes 4:7-12. What does this passage teach us about the benefit of having a network of caring relationships? Are we better together or alone?

Jesus employed various sizes of gatherings to disciple people (from triads, to his d-group, to mid-size group (“the seventy”), to large crowds (feeding of 5,000, teaching in the temple). Read the following examples of Jesus investing his time with only three members of his d-group: Mark 5:37, Luke 9:28, Matthew 26:36-38. Why might Jesus have been so intentionally exclusive?

What are the discipleship advantages with a quad or triad?

It’s hard not to image that an increasing trust developed between these four men that build a greater bond and intimacy. What role do trust, accountability, and authenticity play in growing in our faith?

Jesus always took advantage of a smaller group size to facilitate discipleship that could not happen at a larger level. How does going deeper happen best at a smaller size (“inner circle of relationships”)?

Read Ephesians 4:1; Romans 8:29. What is God’s calling for us?

Read Ephesian 4:20-24. What obstacles exist that make it hard for us to lead a life worthy of God’s calling to be like Christ?

Read Ephesians 4:11-13. How has God equipped his church to help in the discipleship (maturity in Christ; christlikeness process?)

The sermon included video testimony of several ladies. How did May Harvester’s testimony (and those of Shereen and Nena) speak to the advantage of having an inner circle to grow as disciples? How did Pastor Steve’s testimony of how he is addressing areas of growth impact you?

Are you willing to go smaller to grow mature in your faith?

Remember we are responsible for our own growth. Maybe an inner circle is what you need.

Who could you ask to join you to form your own inner circle? If you are not sure contact Pastor Steve or Pastor Rick.