Sexuality: Body Plus Soul

By Rick Bayer, October 03, 2021

Click HERE for the link to the Message: “Beyond Us vs. Them”

“Man is neither angel nor beast”. Blaise Pascal

Genesis 1:26-27

Genesis 2:24,25

“I don’t want to touch you skin to skin. I want to touch you deeply, beneath the surface, where our real stories lie.” Richard Wagamese

Questions for personal reflection and/or Discipleship Group:


  • Have you ever thought of Jesus as being a sexual being? Why or why not?

Go to the Source:

Read Genesis 1:26-27

  • If you were to see yourself as an image-bearer of God, what would that mean in how you see yourself and treat yourself?
  • What are the implications in how you see and treat others as fellow image bearers?

Live it out:

  • Sexuality: Body Plus Soul. As a single or married person how do you intertwine your sexuality and spirituality?
  • What does it mean to grow your ‘social sexuality’ to reflect the triune God?