Go and Bless

By Steve Bains, May 07, 2023

Genesis 12:1-5

  1. Go: Living a Divinely Blessed Life Requires O

God is a God of B

God d everyone to live a blessed life.

  1. God's Blessed to Bless S

  2. God G Success.


What is God saying to you through this message?

What will you do about it? What is your “I will” statement?

For Discipleship Groups Discussion Questions:

  1. Check-in: What are you thankful for this week?

  2. What is a challenge or problem you faced?
    (Responses to both of the above questions can be used to express praise, and requests during the prayer time.)

Read Text: Genesis 12:1-5

  1. What words or phrases catch your attention? What questions do you have of the text?

  2. How is the biblical idea of “blessed” different from our cultures idea? (Steve spoke about this in his message.)

  3. Steve shared that to truly live a divinely blessed life, all believers are to obey God (follow Abram’s example), and be willing to go where God sends us. Do you agree? Why do you think people hesitate to go?

  4. What might hinder people to join God on mission (see verse 1)? Do you agree that there is no growth in our comfort zone?

  5. Steve shared that God’s mission and His call to join Him has not changed from the beginning. What parallels do you see between today’s text and the following verses: Matthew 4:19; Luke 14:28-9; Matthew 28:18-20?

  6. Have you ever been blessed by a godly person? Explain. Have you ever seen yourself used by God to bless others? Share. How did it make others feel to be blessed? How did you feel?

  7. Abram was called to go to Canaan. Where has or where might God call you to “go”?

  8. Did you hear God speak to you in any way during our time?

  9. What is your “I will” statement (action step)? Can we ask you how your “I will” statement went next week?

Close in prayer