Your Story Matters to God

By Danielle Cekanor, February 18, 2024

What is your story?

Truth: Your story is not just a little footnote in God’s big story, but rather it’s an integral plot line to the greatest story ever told.

Bible facts:

  • Over 7 billion copies of the Bible have been sold worldwide!
  • In the 21st century, they estimated that Bibles are printed at a rate of around 80 million a year.

How many Bibles do you have at home?

“We each may be saved as an individual life, but we are not saved to an individual life. We stand as part of God’s restoring of all things.” - Matt Chandler


What does that mean for us?

  • It means we have been set apart to be used by God

What does that mean for our relationships?

  • It means someone needs our story

What does that mean for our world?

  • It means it’s not too late for our world to encounter Jesus
  • We are called to be the light of the world

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14


We either:

  1. Don’t think we matter at all therefore we do nothing about it.
  2. We make it all about ourselves

“We can choose to cling to starring roles in the little-bitty stories of us, or we can exchange our fleeting moment in the spotlight for a supporting role in the eternally beautiful epic that is the Story of God. Think of it as trading up. Abandoning the former and embracing the latter will allow our little lives to be filled with the wonder of God as we live for His fame and the unending applause of His name. And joining our small stories to His will give us what we all want most in life anyway: the assurance that our brief moments on earth count for something in a story that never ends”. Louie Giglio (From the book: I am not but I know I Am)


  • It all starts with knowing this story for yourself
  • Ask God: How does my story fit into your story?