By Brandon Grayson, May 15, 2020


Matthew 18:15-35

1. It Debt

  • Absorbed or paid back it can’t be ignored
  • You no longer expect payment

2. It is a Threefold

  • You will not bring the offense up again or use it against the person
  • You won't bring it up to others
  • You won't bring it up to yourself and dwell on it

3. It Is an and a Process

  • Event is when you talk with the person and say it
  • Process is every moment after the event

4. It is Not

  • Its absorbing the cost
  • Not treating the person as they deserve
  • Reconciliation still needs to take place
  • God does not have amnesia
  • He chooses to not deal with us in our sin but through his sons perfection (Jer 31:34)

5. It is Not Being a

  • Forgiveness can lead to separation If no reconciliation or repentance (Luke 17:3, Matt 18:17)
  • Trust, hurt, sadness….are dealt with through reconciliation and repentance which can only happen if there is forgiveness on both sides
  • Scripture calls for godly confrontation (Gal 6:1, 2 Tim 3:16, Luke 17:3, James 5:19, 2 Thes 3:14-15, Eph 4:15)

6. It Has Directions

  • Vertical – man to God
    • My heart attitude toward the person before God
  • Horizontal – person to person
    • This is where reconciliation can happen
    • This where separation can also happen (with the hope of reconciliation) (2 Cor 2:6-11) 

7. Failure to forgive Our Heart

  • Turns victims into victimizers
  • When we choose not to forgive we are active not passive (Matt 18:28)
  • Has Eternal and present Consequences
  • Reveals an unforgiven heart and an unforgiving heart (Matt 6:15)
  • Bitterness, anger, depression take root

“The Gospel is a message of forgiveness: it could not be otherwise, because it is the Gospel of God, and God is a forgiving God… It is to be expected, then, that those who receive the forgiveness which God holds out in the Gospel, those who call Him their Father, will display something of His character and show a forgiving attitude toward others.” -F.F. Bruce (Luke 7:47)