Family Reunion, Incognito

Pit Stops in Life

By Pastor Randy Jenkins, April 19, 2020

Joseph will experience a divinely appointed . The dust of twenty plus years of will be blown away in an instant.

“God does not at the end of the day, but at the end He does ” (Anonymous 16th Century Saint).

will bring to the surface what is in the human .

  1. The
    Genesis 42:5-7 Why did he recognize them but not vice versa?

    1. He was and they still had their beards.
    2. He was dressed in Egyptian royalty , they in shepherd’s.
    3. There were ten of them and only one of him and the process.
    4. They thought he was .
    5. Two different .
  2. The

  1. His (Genesis 42:7-14)
  2. His (Genesis 42:19-20)
    Joseph had two goals in mind:
    1. Move his brother, , and his father, , to Egypt.
    2. Move his ten brothers’ hearts to .
  1. The
    For 22 years the ten brothers had all dealt with the inward guilt of two sins: 1. & toward Joseph and 2. to their Father.
    In Genesis 42:21-22 we see:

Evidence of Genuineness:

  1. Genesis 42:28 – Hearts
  2. Genesis 44:12-13 – Tore Their
  3. Genesis 44:32-34 - Steps Up
  1. The

    1. at discovery of silver in their bags (Genesis 42:35)
    2. grief of Jacob (Genesis 42:36)
    3. Judah takes for Benjamin (Genesis 43:9)
    4. Jacob finally God (Genesis 43:14)
    5. Brothers return showing honesty (Genesis 43:21-22)
    6. Joseph shows &
      (Genesis 43:23)
  2. The

  1. of Genesis 37 Dream (Genesis 43:28)
  2. Joseph’s reunion with Benjamin (Genesis 43:29-30)
  3. Seating (Genesis 43:32-33)
  4. A Final (Genesis 43:34)

“We live in a world where our with people become intertwined with God’s for us. No one lives his life in a .” (Erwin Lutzer)

“Praise God for the hammer, the file, and the furnace. The hammer us, the file us, and the fire us.” (Samuel Rutherford)