CLS Rooted Class 1

Rooted in Scripture

By Pastor Derick Easter, August 31, 2020

**Rooted Study Series – Rooted in Faith and Scripture **

Today we are starting a new series entitled Rooted. We as Christians need to be well-rooted. So many times, when the going gets tough or someone challenges our faith we bail out. We must learn to be anchored. Our roots need to go deep enough that we can hang on no matter what comes our way. This series is about us becoming deeply rooted in our faith.

Today we are going to start with our Christianity and scripture. What is the foundational history of our Christian Faith and Heritage? Is it a white man’s religion?

In recent years, there has been a rise of black people leaving Christianity, for a number of reasons. Among those reasons, there is one that consistently rises to the top. Christianity is a white man’s religion. Christianity is a religion designed by white people for white people. The black folks who are leaving, want to worship something that is specifically for black people.

Beginning with the Bible, we see that Africa played a huge part in the early church. A few things to take note of: • Luke 23:26 • Acts 2:10 • Acts 8:26-36 • Acts 11:19-24

Research: Tertullian Origen of Alexandria Augustine of Hippo

Now what does the bible mean for our faith?

The Bible is God’s written record of His works through the ages.

Scripture is divinely inspired.

Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the Bible enlightens each individual to recognize personal sin, the need for salvation, and the best possible life course.

The Bible is also profitable and nourishing