The Genesis of Exodus

Exodus 1:1-8

By Pastor Chad A. Miller, September 06, 2020

Reflection: Genesis 3:15

Sermon Text: Exodus 1:1-8

Summary: Exodus begins in Genesis - it didn’t happen overnight. Our need for God began there, too. We may look as though we are blessed and fruitful, but we stand in need of a rescuer!

Why teach from the Old Testament?

  1. Notice the . Exodus 1:1-6
  1. Notice the . Exodus 1:7
  1. Notice the Perceived . Exodus 1:7,9
  1. Notice the . Exodus 1:8

Essential Truths:

  • Everything was alright (Gen 46)
  • Everything was planned (Gen 15:13)
  • All shall be well (Gen 15:14)

How can this be?

  • God is at work.
  • God is working for His glory (which is for our ultimate good).