The LORD is Worthy of Praise

Exodus 15:1-21

By Pastor Chad A. Miller, November 22, 2020


Sermon Summary: This magnificent song of Moses is the first “song” in the Bible. All the Redeemed have a song to sing today as’s template is right here in Exodus!

If we were to glance back over the past few chapters of Exodus, we notice:

  • the Faithfulness of the LORD in the final verses of Chapter 13.
  • God’s Glory in Salvation last week with Chapter 14.
  • Today, we find ourselves on the other side of the Red Sea with the people of God.

I don’t think we’ll hesitate to say FOR the Israelites, “THE LORD IS WORTHY OF PRAISE!” But, what about for us, today?

1. WE SHOULD ! Exodus 15:1, 20-21

CONGREGATIONAL SINGING: The corporate singing of the truths of Scripture and praise to God and edification of Christ’s church (Ps. 95:1–5; Eph. 5:18–20; Col. 3:16).

2. WE SHOUD SING THE LORD! Exodus 14:6-8

3. WE SHOULD THE LORD! Exodus 15:2-3

  • Songs of HIS GLORY!
  • Songs of HIS SALVATION!

“Our praise is at its best when it contains such rich theology made personal.”