About My Father's Business

Luke 2:41-52

By Pastor Chad A. Miller, December 27, 2020


SUMMARY: We'll focus on a powerful utterance of Jesus at 12-years-old, “I must be about my Father's business.” There are implications for all of us, young and old, when we take a closer look at the account.

SERMON TEXT: Luke 2:41-52

  1. Notice the Family. Luke 2:41-42

  2. Notice the of Followers. Luke 2:43-45

  3. Notice the Focus. Luke 2:46-50

  4. Notice the Family. Luke 2:51-52

Lessons from Jesus at 12:

  • Jesus was at the Temple.
  • He was talking about Scripture
  • He was focused on the Father's affairs

Lessons for us right now. The Father's business…

  • will be in line with the Gospel
  • will be distinct from mainstream
  • will MARK YOU!