Matthew 5:1-2

By Pastor Chad A. Miller, September 05, 2021

REFLECTION: Psalm 37:1-6

SERIES: counterCULTURE - The Sermon on the Mount


Summary: In the “Sermon on the Mount” Jesus radically calls us to humble, heart-level, non-hypocritical, faith-filled, single-minded devotion to Him and His ways. The Beatitudes serve as the preamble to this incredible teaching - celebrating characteristics and qualities that are in stark contrast to what our culture celebrates today.

Everywhere that Jesus goes, He brings the Kingdom of Heaven with Him. People from all lands and walks of life are impacted by His actions and His words.


  • The first half focus on our relationship to God,
  • the remaining four on our relationship to our fellowman

BLESSEDDefined: When God blesses us, He us!

  1. Matthew 5:3 / Poor in Spirit
  1. Matthew 5:4 / Mourn
  1. Matthew 5:5 / Meek
  1. Matthew 5:6 / Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

The rest of the Beatitudes show the results of the new life in the believer:

  1. Matthew 5:7 / Merciful
  1. Matthew 5:8 / Pure in heart
  1. Matthew 5:9 / Peacemakers
  1. Matthew 5:10-12 / Persecuted

Read & Meditate on Matthew 16:24-26

ASSIGNMENT: Give thought to completing this sentence this week with each trait from the beatitudes.

Because I am blessed…

(Ex: Because I am blessed by God, I know I'm nothing without him. I'm completely spiritually poor on my own; but I'm a joint heir with Christ and his riches are better than mine.)