Dealing With Selfishness

Nehemiah 5

By Pastor Chad A. Miller, August 28, 2022


(Memory: John 13:35) CLOSING: Romans 15:5-6

SUMMARY: Nehemiah was angry when he discovered how the nobles and officials were behaving with their finances. Their selfishness was causing real suffering and injustice. He shows a better way to steward one’s wealth and be generous to others to advance God’s kingdom, as Nehemiah did.

Nehemiah 5:1


“When the enemy fails in his attacks from the outside, he then begins to attack from within, and one of his favorite weapons is selfishness.” -Wiersbe


  • Selifshness uncovered (Nehemiah 5:2-5)

  • Selfishness provokes leadership (Nehemiah 5:6-7)

A note about anger:

  • It's okay to .
  • God can that anger for you.
  • Take a moment, then act .

Psalm 4:4; Proverbs 29:11

  • Selfishness must be confronted (Nehemiah 5:7-8)

This is not how treats one another!


“A $70,000 salary does not have to be accompanied by a $70,000 lifestyle.… No matter how grateful we are, gold will not make the world think that our God is good; it will make people think that our God is gold” (John Piper)

2. SELFLESS UNITES! Nehemiah 5:14-18

How did the people respond?

Nehemiah 5:12-13

He confronted them with truth. He called them to fear God. He communicated the need. He compelled them to respond. He convened others as witnesses…

They feared do we know that?

  • They repented.
  • They stopped their selfishness.
  • They moved toward unity!

See Matthew 20:25-28