Believe on Jesus

John 5:30-47

By Pastor Chad A. Miller, May 14, 2023

REFLECTION: Titus 3:4-7

MEMORY VERSE: Matthew 5:38-39

BENEDICTION: Romand 15:13

Summary: We can fully trust Jesus because of who He is. With the many witnesses to his deity, our belief in Jesus informs our Scripture reading, shapes our love for God, directs our worship, and reconciles us to God!

We can believe on Jesus because of so many…


John 5:30-37

  1. John the Baptist (John 5:32-35)
  2. The works of God (John 5:36)
  3. God,the Father (John 5:37)
  4. The Scriptures (John 5:38-39)


John 5:39-47

  1. Our understanding of Scripture. (John 5:38-40)
  1. Our love for God. (John 5:42-43)

  2. Our worship of God. (John 5:44)

  3. Our standing before God. (John 5:45-47)