Peace Service

By Compassion, Peace, and Justice Team, October 30, 2022

9:30am and 11:00am

Prelude - “Elegy for Peace” by Stevens - Alaina Smith, flute

Welcome - Rev. David Bonnema

Call to Worship - Rev. Dana Seiler

  • Leader: Welcome to worship at this turn of the season.
  • People: As the temperatures dip we gather in the warmth of God’s presence.
  • Leader: As the darkness grows we seek Gods light,
  • People: As we face the upcoming holidays we long for
  • God’s peace.
  • Leader: Today, we come to worship the God of Peace.
  • People: Let us worship the Lord!

Hymn - “It is Well With My Soul” - see screen

Prayer of Confession: O God of Peace and Justice and Love, You have given us gifts so that we can be an instrument for change in our world. Yet there are times when we have spoken without thinking, or have remained silent out of fear or indifference. Forgive us when we have good intentions but do not follow through with action. Forgive our inability to be reconciled with others, both those we love dearly and those we struggle to tolerate. Strengthen us with power through the Holy Spirit, that we may be a catalyst for peace as we live through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Declaration of Forgiveness

Introduction to the Service of Peace - Sam Sipes

Voices of Peace - Children: Olivia Alford, Owen Leith, Cora Campbell, Frankie Alberty, Nolan Schell, Riley Bonnema, London Watson

Children’s Choir - Mary Demorest

Voices of Peace - Teenagers: Alyssa Deiulio, Maggie Combs, Nazir Ghafoori

Anthem - “God of Peace” - Unity Choir

Voices of Peace - Young Adults: Deanna Walker, Kevin Walker, Ian Leith

Anthem - “Bridge over Troubled Water” - The Mariners

Offering and Prayer of Thanksgiving

Voices of Peace - Empty Nesters: Jeannette Aimutis, Peter Frisch, Chris Easterling

Anthem - “May the Mind of Christ My Savior” - Unity Choir

Voice of Peace - Senior Adults - Jay Sloan

Anthem - “There is a Balm in Gilead” - Ryan Harrison; Kim Smith, signer

A Prayer for Peace - Rev. Dana Pate

Closing Hymn “Love Can Build a Bridge” see screen