Empathy Compassion Justice

A Message for Freedom Sunday

By Shaka Fonderson, February 13, 2022

God is

Matthew 22:34-40

How do we get here?

  • We need .
  • We need to change the posture of our heart
  • This cannot be done on our own
  • Jesus promised the Spirit to those who love him and keep his commands
    • The Spirit is our helper and the one who intercedes on our behalf.

Why do we need heart change?

  • Because the needs us
  • Our need us
  • Our need us

Jeremiah 17:9 Matthew 15:19

Spiritual are a way that the Spirit works on our hearts

In order to love like God, our hearts must be aligned with His. There is no more perfect example to follow than that of Jesus. He is fully God BUT was also fully man. His heart broke like ours, he was tempted like ours, and he lived life and had the same experiences as people who lived in his time.

  • Love is an , no longer a fleeting . This is what we see in Jesus.

What can we do about it?

  • Jesus showed empathy and compassion. But he didn't just stop there, he DID something about it.
  • There are more ways of serving than just giving your money. If you feel called to get your boots on the ground, there is a list of National and provincial organizations on the BC government website.
  • Other organizations: