Tie The Knot

By David Valdes, April 23, 2023

Text: Romans 15:1-7; Romans 15:30-31

Commitment, or the lack of it, is a question of integrity that permeates to all areas of life. Regardless of gender or other conditions, Christians should be recognized for their integrity which is best shown in marriage but extends to all relationships, with the church family as the priority.

Like the marriage ceremony and the vows exchanged in it, membership can be viewed as a protocol or as an opportunity to be accountable to a commitment that goes both ways. Those who understand membership properly will take the step knowing they are not in it for what they can get from others, but to freely give what the Lord has blessed them with. Although not expressly, the Bible makes references to lists and records that have that same intention as church membership. Widows, genealogies and guilds are examples found in both Testaments.

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