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September 25, 2022


Please go over attendance and group logistics during this time.

Biblical Discussion

Read John 21:15-19

  • Why did Jesus ask Peter if he loved Him more than these (Mk 14:29)?

  • What do you make of the exchange between Peter and Jesus?

  • How was it humbling?

    • Who else was present to hear this conversation?
    • How many times was he asked (probably a reference to what? - Mk 14:66-72)?
  • How was it empowering?

    • Was Jesus angry with Peter?
    • Was Jesus finished with Peter being a leader?
  • What should that tell us about God when we mess up royally?

  • One of Peter's traits is to speak up and speak out. There are times this boldness was a strength. There are other times when this boldness isn't thought out well. Peter seemed to have kneejerk, defensive way of loving Jesus. But according to this exchange, what does it mean to really love Jesus? How will you really love Jesus this week?