Preparation for Practice

Ephesians 4:11-16

By Pastor Craig Phelps, April 02, 2022

Introduction: Last week we discussed the significance of the word “go” in Mt 28:18-20. It is much more all-encompassing than just going on a trip to share Christ. What Jesus meant was for us, as we go about the course of our life, to make disciples. At the center of your life there should be a pursuit of making disciples for Christ. Now we turn to Eph 4:11-16 to look at another oft misunderstood or overlooked truth. It deals with the question:

Why do we come to church?

  1. We go to church to be for service inside and outside the church.

  2. We go to church to be or built up into mature believers.

  3. We go to church to be into a body who can do far more together than separate.

Discussion Questions

-How limited would our reach be if only the pastor was able to do the work of ministry? How great could our reach be if everyone knew their part inside and outside the church?

-What can you do to better receive or make use of the benefits of coming to church?

-How might what you have learned today help you encourage someone to return to church?

-If you could have the pastor or someone else to equip you to do one thing, what would it be? (Let them know this week or whenever the need arises)

-How would you describe your level of Christian maturity (infant, toddler, teen, adult)? What might you do to be edified or more mature in your faith?

-Have you found your place in the ensemble here at Gorman? What is holding you back from finding your place and making this body that much better with you in it?