Placed on Purpose

Romans 12:1-6

By Pastor Craig Phelps, April 23, 2022

Introduction: In Romans 12:1-6, Paul is going to describe to us how we are each placed in the body of Christ and positioned for service on purpose by God Himself. We will see 5 things that are important for affective service to the Lord.

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Discussion Questions & Action Items

• Availability - What do you need to sacrifice in order to put yourself in a place where you can effectively serve the Lord in a God-honoring way?

• Attitude - What are some attitudes that are hard to serve alongside? Make yourself vulnerable, ask a friend if there is anything about you that might hinder the service of others.

• Alignment – this week, reach out to someone new or different, someone you might not seem to have anything in common with. Have a friendly visit or share a meal and find out what makes them tick. Then introduce them to someone else in the church.

• Awareness – do you recognize a gift in someone else? Tell them about it. Maybe they don’t know what others see. Ask someone who sees you serve or knows you well what they think your gift might be.

• Action - If you really want to find your place then ask someone else if you can help them for a day; building a ramp or working with the kids or helping in the kitchen, etc. If you don’t know whom to ask then talk to the pastor.